Weston School Committee Joins Social Media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

And now for the Owl’s last post before flapping off on Labor Day weekend vacation, a real shocker — the Weston School Committee has joined social media!!! Hold on to your 21st century hats! Here’s the official word on the street (or, in this case, Facebook):

The Weston School Committee recently approved the launch of its social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through them, the committee will share information about its meetings and actions and about developments in the Weston Public Schools.

Follow this page to receive the committee’s updates on your Facebook feed. You can also communicate with the committee via email at schoolcommittee@weston.org and through public comment during meetings and office hours.

Note that you as mere mortals will not be able to comment on posts but you can read all the information, mull its relevance to your life, and then send an email to their email address if needed (shown above).

Please also note that the Owl neither Instagrams nor tweets so you’re on your own there. Next up: Snapchat? Don’t forget to like their pages or whatever you do on Insta or Twitter because they are counting up likes and will be sad if you don’t join. Also, there is good info there.

Facebook link.




Enjoy your weekend, Weston, and go ‘cats!

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