Weston Fall Sports Begin “For Reals” This Week

Last year’s Boys Varsity Soccer team with Andrey Asparouhov, who enters his 10th year as Weston coach

Ah yes, my fine readers, today’s rainy weather means you should rest up for your week in sports. Not only does the High School take to the fields, courses, and water this week in their first week of competition, but BAYS soccer’s first games are on Saturday (yes, the Owlets are donning yellow and prepared to card any crazy parents). Middle School sports also begin this week.

The monthly sports calendar for the high school is available here on Arbiter Live. In addition, you can sign into Arbiter Sports online and subscribe to the calendar to have it all appear on your mobile device and home computer. The Owl also has the Arbiter Sports app which is helpful when scrolling around on the sidelines.

Weston HS Athletics also has a live youtube channel. I do not know which games are “youtubed” and which are not. I do know that we will soon have a Huddle system live-streaming all Proctor field games. The Owl has requested a Wes-TEN takeover of the commentary for a few games, so we are hopeful. Athletic Director Mike McGrath puts up with a lot of requests from the Owl and always responds “that’s a good idea” even when you know he doesn’t think so. In case you didn’t know, Weston has the best Athletic Director and the best Athletic Trainer (Andrew Rizza, or Rizz) on the planet. The Owlets spend a lot of time with the latter.

For BAYS soccer, you can search for your team’s schedule here. In addition, the Owl will remind parents that most Weston soccer referees are middle and high school students who are doing their best. Don’t get crazy. What happened at a high school scrimmage last Friday is not cool (and did not involve parents, but an away soccer coach who lost his poop and should seek help).

Weston Boys Golf team 2022, photo courtesy Weston Athlettics

Finally, if you are a parent or friend of any of the sports teams’ athletes, please know that the Owl will post any game summaries, athlete profiles, or other information for our Weston teams but cannot cover anything personally but Weston Boys soccer. While I love sports in general, there is only one Owl and she covers owlet sports. Send your posts to thewestonowl@gmail.com.

Go ‘cats!

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