School Committee Office Hours Announced

Since Valley Pond closed yesterday and Weston’s Memorial Pool closed last week, how ever will you find a place to interact with School Committee members? Well, lookie here on the School Committee’s new Facebook page–you can now zoom with your favorite School Committee member every few weeks or so. By the way, you could also show up live and in person to School Committee board meetings which are listed on this website. They are also zoomable.

School Committee office hours occur via Zoom every few weeks. The first office hour of the school year occurs Wed., Sept. 7 (Brazil’s independence day, just fyi), at 9 a.m., and Jeff Lucas will be the committee member attending.

Feel free to join the call to express your views or ask questions about topics that fall under the School Committee’s purview, e.g., budget, policy, curriculum adoption. Zoom link: Note that you do not have to have a student in the Weston Public Schools to be curious and active in these calls.

Following tomorrow’s office hour, the next office hour is Tues., Sept. 27, at 8 p.m. with Alyson Muzila.

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