September 11 Memorial Flag Ceremony on Town Green on Sunday

Flags on the Town Green, 2014

Without doubt, the most moving September 11 memorial I know is the one held here in Weston each year since 2002. Every year, the community comes together to place 3,000 flags on the Weston Town Green, each flag representing one victim of the attacks. Weston Fire and Police officers always attend, and to see the Fire and Police flags grouped together in one corner is the stuff to make you tear up every single year.

Participants should arrive to Town Green by 8:30 AM on Sunday, September 11.  After a brief ceremony, the Paul Revere bell in the tower at First Parish Church will toll at 8:46 am to signify the moment of first impact. If that doesn’t put chills down your back, nothing will.

When the bell tolls, participants start placing flags.  Upon completion, Town green will have flags representing more than 2,000 American citizens, almost 400 people from other countries and more than 350 firefighters, paramedics and police officers. Each one had a story, each one honored with a flag. Some of us like to choose one flag to contemplate and think of a lost soul or loved one, some walk the rows upon completion. It’s truly beautiful and incredibly moving, even as small kids race each other down the rows over the coming weeks. The flags remain for a couple of weeks and then volunteers will be requested to help gather them again.

The Town Recreation Department has hosted this event annually since 2002. We are thankful to the many volunteers who join over the years and to First Parish Church which plays such a critical role.

All Weston residents and members of the public are invited to join.  For questions, please call the Recreation Department at 781-786-6260.

Never forget.

Red for Fire, Black for Police. The imagery stuns every single time.

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