Blackout Tonight for Friday Night Lights: Wildcats Football

Tonight’s Friday Night Lights opener is the first home football game of the Weston High School Wildcats, who will take on the Sharon High School Eagles (cool mascot, one must admit, but ‘cats win) at 7pm on Proctor Field. Weston fans are encouraged to wear black (hence the “blackout”) but can in fact wear any color except orange unless you are Dutch, or want to sit on the Sharon side.

The Owl caught up with Jim Wilcon, who is entering his second year as head coach, this morning.

“We have a fantastic roster this year of 41 athletes,” said Coach Wilcon. “That’s up from 34 last year, and we just keep building our mental and physical strength. We’re looking forward to seeing a big home crowd tonight.”

The Weston team is led by 11 Seniors including the four captains –Mack McManus, Jojo Uga, Brady Rutkowski, and Thomas Sacco. Additional seniors include Chase Hinton, Leo Wisnia, Oli Dede, Blake Theriaque, Ahmed Haidar, Nate Gold, and Nick Cross.

2022 Weston Wildcats team

Note that it does cost money but significantly less than Gillette (cash only–we are not up for venmo, people) and that money goes to Weston Athletics. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for seniors/students.

The concession building opens at 6:30pm, and the Senior Class will run the concessions stand — all proceeds go to the Class of 2023. Come and purchase Chick-Fil-A, pizza, candy, hot pretzels and more!

Go ‘cats! 

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