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In July 2022, the Weston Owl covered the grand opening of Weston Provisions, a wonderful sandwich shop/small market in “downtown” Weston. In some weird coincidence of fate, on Thursday this week, the Owl received two phone calls and one email exclaiming “have you been to Weston Provisions? It’s SO GOOD!” which I am cutting down from one message I got at 4 pm having skipped lunch and went on and on until Hangry Owl hit the delete key. I am not made of steel, Weston.

So yesterday, I went back for a sandwich because the first time in Weston Provisions I had missed sandwich time which is 10 am-3:30 pm. I am guessing they get a lot of requests outside those hours as there is now a medium-sized sign up explaining the hours of sandwiches. According to Hannah Nicholl, one of the owners who was manning the Toast check-out (why is everything food-related when you haven’t had any?), breakfast sandwiches will shortly be available, so that means more yumminess early in the day. Currently, they offer pastries brought in from Iggy’s.

When the Owl flapped in, there were a goodly number of people in the shop who seemed to be browsing lackadaisically, so the Owl knocked down two children and a cheese display to get to the ordering desk. Fine, just kidding, there were no kids–it was 11:30 and the little tikes need schooling, no? And ordered the sandwich she has coveted for two months (vegans look away now): roast beef with horseradish cheddar.

After ordering, the Owl attempted to take arty photos, none of which shall appear here because for the Owl, “arty” means wow, that just reflected my phone and scruffy outfit, and what looks delicious in the cabinet (broccoli caesar salad) does not look so good on my poor SE. Therefore most of these photos are courtesy of Hannah.

But what is this? My sandwich is ready already? Yes, I doubt that took even four minutes wait. Love. The Owl had planned to munch said sandwich while at the Weston Bistro, but instead took it home to share with Mr. Owl. Trust me when I say that the sandwich is for two people. So much roast beef. Oh, sorry again, vegans. The bread is absolutely delicious–just perfect crunch and softness–I would apologize again to the gluten-frees but it turns out they offer gluten-free bread, so y’all are okay.

The Owl does her best, but this sandwich looked and tasted better than this display

Please note that Friday is fried chicken day if that is your thing. Why would it not be your thing? As the Owlets say, no one cares. There are two fried chicken sandwich options as well as the cold sub options. Menu? Here it is:

As mentioned before, there are many local New England groceries, as well as coffee (hot and cold brew) and CHEESE. Weston Provisions also does custom charcuterie boards and catering, and don’t forget to invite the Owl to that party.

Shop and eat local, Weston! Weston Provisions is open Tuesday- Friday 8-5 and Saturdays until 4. They are located at 403 Boston Post Road in the space that used to be Ye Olde Cottage.

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