WFTA/Conservation Volunteer Opportunity at Woodland Conservation Land Sat Sept 17

Join the Weston Forest & Trail Association and Weston Conservation for this month’s Stewardship Saturday as they continue the Hundred Years War against Japanese knotweed in our fair town. After a spring attack on the knotweed infiltrators at Dickson Ring and Jericho Forest, the Conservation Department and WFTA are taking on a new phalanx at the Woodland central Weston location. The enemy is on all sides, Weston, and we’re certainly going to need all the help we can get.

This particular population is adjacent to a well-used trail (including by our always-exploring elementary students) as well as in close proximity to wetlands. The WFTA Teen Team made a dent in it this summer, and we are now showing no mercy as we go into battle formation.

Participants will learn how to identify Japanese Knotweed, why it is so problematic, as well as some useful tips for managing it on their own property. Then the volunteers will head into the woods to manually massacre the woody nightmare…ummm, I mean cut and pile Knotweed stems.

The long-term strategy for this site will likely involve a combination of mechanical cutting and herbicide treatment.

Park and gather in the rear lot of the Woodland School- the Knotweed site is a short walk-in from the lot on a well-established trail. MAP

Please contact Jordan McCarron, Weston’s conservation agent, with any questions or to volunteer at his town email

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