Whassup at Weston Public Schools This Week

There is a small part of me that feels happy whenever I write “Whassup” as the title of a post. It is that chaotic good side of me that knows that the Grand Owl, former English teacher, gets a little shiver from it, as well as a few other English teachers who read this blog. I would apologize but this is all revenge for the B- that Professor Rosenwald at Wellesley College gave me on my very first assignment. Bitter much? No.

Moving steadily onwards, let’s take a look at this week in Weston Public Schools. Busy, busy, my friends, and something for all of us perhaps.

Tonight, Monday 9/12 is School Committee night. There is an online agenda here and I have already asked what the mysterious (Achievement-Vote) and (Finance-Deliberation) stuff is all about. You can participate in person at Case House or by zoom from your couch. As a reminder, School Committee is now on Insta and Facebook, while the Owl is only on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 14, the amazing volunteers of the PTO will be meeting at Case House from 9 am – 11 am. They would love to have your attendance and your membership. A reminder that membership means you get info (Westword email) about upcoming activities that the Owl has zero chance of getting straight. Join here: https://www.westonschools.org/weston-pto/

Weston High School

Today, Monday September 12 is Weston High School picture day (except for seniors who apparently get Pond photos later this week–hope the algae behaves). If your kid went to school in a wrinkled USC sweatshirt with ramen stains, ahem…there will be a make-up date.

On Tuesday 9/13, the Weston High School principal and assistant principal will have their coffee, and share some with us. Also some information about something. I’m not sure I know the agenda but it’s 9 am to 10 am in the auditorium. Do NOT park in any numbered spaces, but rather park on the roadway entrance to the high school (main entrance). All numbered spaces have owners and they are 17 years old and will Tawanda your car.

Weston Boys Soccer after tying up the game 3 minutes from end. No owlets pictured.

The Weston HS Athletic team schedule is UNBELIEVABLE this week. Everyone is in play, and the Owl’s favorite sports team (biased, yes, owlets) the Boys Soccer team takes on the WA Grey Ghosts, the land-locked Buccaneers and the Maynard Tigers all in one action-packed and likely bruising week. Hey Rizz, are you ready? Okay, the schedule is here. Go ‘cats!

In other calendar events, the Sophomore Class is off on their three-hour boat tour on Saturday. What could possibly go wrong? Many thanks to our amazing Class of 2025 parent officer team for being willing to do this. Yikes.

Middle School

I may be a little late on this but if you haven’t heard about it, there is a Speech and Debate Club at the Middle School on Fridays and it is really good. Run by Rose Debate, one of the Owlets participated and loved it, including the outside-of-school competitions. More here.

What else? No clue. What is going on, MS? Oh, the Middle School has a fairly active facebook page which is great for seeing whassup. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/WestonMiddleMA

Elementary Schools

On Tuesday, September 13, your lucky fourth or fifth grader gets an author visit from Christina Soontornvat. Yay Creative Arts team at the PTO. You can find out more here: https://www.westonschools.org/field/blog/2022/09/08/author-visit-september-13th/

On Thursday, September 15, Woodland School room parents have a meeting from 9 -10 am where they will discuss who wins: wolves or wildcats. Or something like that.

On Thursday, September 15, Country School has a Back to School picnic from 5-7pm. Please bring a blanket and a nut free picnic dinner to enjoy while you reconnect with friends!

Note that Country and Field have instagram, and you can find them there. Woodland probably does too. I don’t do insta so you’re on your own.

Wow, this was super exhausting. I think I shan’t do that every week. Again, if you become a member of the PTO, you will get a great events and happenings newsletter every Wednesday morning. Do it.

Go ‘cats!

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