Weston Forest & Trail 2022-23 Walks Announced and More…

As many of you know, the Owl is on the Executive Board of the Weston Forest & Trail Association, Weston’s extremely awesome land trust and open space champion. I am not at all biased, in other words. Today the Owl received the monthly newsletter which she has nothing to do with – covered by the marketing and membership team– and thought WOW!!! This organization offers so much and asks so little (okay, fine, the ask will come later but you will totally feel good about giving).

And yet, it’s not spam, tis delightful information, including a September poem I have reproduced here:

by Annette Wynne

Golden in the garden,
Golden in the glen,
Golden, golden, golden
September’s here again!
Golden in the tree tops,
Golden in the sky—
Golden, golden, golden
September’s going by!

The newsletter cannot be found at the WFTA site so you should subscribe because then it appears miraculously in your spam folder next to your Owl alerts. If we’re not spamming you yet, you can sign up for new spam here. You really will want to get it because some of this information appears NOWHERE ELSE. Well, maybe somewhere else but then you have look for it. Who needs that? Here are a few of the stories in this month’s newsletter:

Owlets out in force:

Who wins? A teenager with a machete or Japanese knotweed?

Or our monthly trail walks (note this is available on the website here)

Or neighboring town events:

Also, there’s a reminder that you can get WFTA spirit gear!! Including a window cling, not pictured below.

Basically, it is the best thing you will read today. If you didn’t get your newsletter this month, send the Owl a note at thewestonowl@gmail.com and she’ll send on her copy. And then get subscribed for next month.

And yes, here’s the ask. Join WFTA as a paid member and get lots of benefits such as our gratitude, a feeling of contributing to the open accessible space of Weston and ummm, a nice tax-deduction letter. Why join? I can’t say it better than the newsletter:

Membership has its privileges. Join here. See you on the trails!



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