Friday Afternoon Field Hockey and Friday Night Lights for Football

(not the ‘cats – working on a “real” photo…please hold

First of all, I must mention that a very very cool thing happened yesterday during the Boys Soccer game against Bedford at Proctor Field. While not giving away too much, let’s just say it was not the ‘cats best soccer showing and things were dragging in the second half when out of nowhere, the entire girls field hockey team showed up after their practice to cheer on the soccer team. It certainly gave the boys a boost and there is nothing like ‘cats cheering on ‘cats…

Which brings me to this afternoon’s Field Hockey game at 4:15 pm — Weston takes on those Bedford Bucs (again, I fear I must make fun of a mascot of a pirate for a land-locked town…on the other hand they are really good at soccer). The game will be at high school Turf 1 and if you’ve never seen a field hockey game, let today be the day and cheer on our girls! Go ‘cats!

Also tonight is the second Friday night lights for Weston Football. Wear neon (yes, we are going to party like it’s 1985, and yet not one of our players was born then), bring your cash and good humor and cheer on the boys (and one girl, incidentally) as they take on the Bay Path Regional Voc/Tech HS Minutemen at 7:00 pm at Proctor. Go ‘cats!

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