Wayland-Weston Rowing Bake Sale Today Outside Bros.

Really all I needed to write is BAKE SALE. But I shall add to it by saying it is a fundraiser for Wayland-Weston Rowing. Also cookies. Also WWRA needs new equipment. And you need cookies. Right now. Go right now.

It is a fact that the Owl loves everything about rowing, and only wishes that her Owlets were rowers so she could go to long regattas at far-off rivers and she could re-live her college days of bow-frau’ing. It’s a tough and beautiful sport and they need funds for expensive equipment and you need cookies. I need cookies.

Sunday, September 18: 10 am – 1 pm (you’re late) in front of Bros. on Center Street, Weston, also known as social corner as I ran into several folks I know and love. Also lots of chrysanthemums.

You can learn more about the fantastic Wayland Weston Rowing Association here. Go ‘cats and neighbors-to-cats!

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  • I went, I bought, we ate. Note: Anyone from the Wayland-Weston community can attend the Ergathon at the WW Crew boathouse at Lake Cochituate on Parkland Drive in Wayland. If next Saturday is like this weekend, you won’t find a more beautiful spot in our towns. AND THERE’S BREAKFAST FOR ALL, a la Food Tent volunteers. The Owl will confirm that rowers know know how to cook and eat.

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