Weston Dads Foundation – Campout and Magic Show September 24

Actual photo of Woodland School field. No not really. Photo by Uzenk Doezenk on Unsplash

As many of you know, the Owl has an MBA from the best marketing school on the planet, if only because I say so (hence the marketing part, no?). This MBA was mis-used to sell optical networking products in Latin America for many years, when really it could have been spent helping out small town nonprofits in marketing their super-cool events to the right audience.

So, when I see the Weston Dads Foundation, a great organization with a mission of bringing together dads and their families, market this weekend’s campout as a benefit to dads, I think…hey, time for Kellogg (go ‘cats!) to help out.

First of all, let us get to the 4Ps. Anyone here a marketing person? What are the 4Ps? Bueller? Bueller? Product, price, place and promotion. Philip Kotler, the grandfather of marketing and creator of the 4Ps, was a professor at Kellogg (go ‘cats!) and at one point tried to change things to the 6Ps but no one needed more Ps so that was a fail. By the way, Dr. Kotler is now 91 years old and carries the “emeritus” title which makes me not want to mess with him. Also he is super nice, and you know I don’t say that about just anyone.

Let’s apply the 4Ps to the Weston Dads Campout this Saturday, September 24 from 3 pm, overnight to Sunday September 25 at 9 am.


Family day/night/morning for dads and kids — playgrounds, fields, fun, massive amounts of conservation trails nearby (why does no one ask the Owl for a nice trail route through the forest? Oh yes, directions..men…Oh, lighten up, guys). Also the dads get to “hang out and catch up” while the kids enjoy a magic show. Dinner and breakfast included. Bring your own tents and Winnebagos, sleeping bags, stars, s’mores maybe, I don’t know. I am willing to commit to it though. And a t-shirt. Get the t-shirt.


Woodland field, 10 Alphabet Lane.


Tickets are $45 per person, with max of $135. If you are bringing more than 2 kids, just buy 3 tickets! And if you want to donate more, just buy extra tickets. Tickets available here.


And herein lies the issue, WDF. You have been marketing to the dads. Stop with that. Market to the moms. Here’s how that goes: Moms, want an afternoon, evening and morning to yourself? Sign up your significant other and the little others to spend the day/night having oodles of fun that you do not need to arrange yourself. Massive playdate! And you get to go out with your friends, or re-watch Colin Firth’s Pride & Prejudice (is there any other, really?) or curl up with an Engineering textbook, or do nothing at all but sleep late and eat sushi for breakfast. There I have fixed it; my work here is done and all gratis.

Please email WestonDadsFoundation@gmail.com with any questions. You can also find them on Facebook but their website is out of play for some Generation X issues, apparently. I feel your pain, Weston Dads.

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