From Your Yard: Flower-Arranging Class at the AIC September 25

On Sunday, September 25 from 1 pm – 2:30 pm at Weston’s Art & Innovation Center, there is a wonderful class called “From Your Yard” about flower arranging for incredibly messy and chaotic gardeners. Oh wait, that was my interpretation because that is my garden. In fact, the best part of the upcoming “From Your Yard” class is that the flowers come from someone else’s yard, someone who excels in things more interesting than zinnia, coneflowers, snapdragons, and my personal trademark: dandelions.

“From Your Yard” does not in fact require people to bring flowers from their yard (they have definitely seen my yard) — all flowers will be supplied – but does help people learn what types of plants to plant for lovely flower arranging in years to come. Listen up, bunnies, no flowers for you.

Taught by the amazing dynamic duo of Trish Scozzafava and Jessica Pohl, attendees will head home with a gorgeous floral arrangement for their cat to browse and destroy. Oh wait, that’s me again. Trish and Jessica each have over 20 years of floral design and teaching experience. Their recent work has centered on Field to Vase workshops and events, including completing training at the Little Flower School in Brooklyn, NY and  Flower School New York. They have taught floral design workshops to students of all levels at garden clubs, organic farms, and the MA Horticultural Society. Accolades include two exhibits each at the Museum of Fine Art’s “Art in Bloom” and blue ribbons from the Boston Flower Show.

Learn from the best and learn local at the AIC. Please note that registration closes tomorrow, September 21. You can register here:

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