Housekeeping Notes: Hunting, Brush Re-Homing and Transfer Station Permits

House of Orange K9 Ranger

Folks, the Owl is waaaaaaay behind on event listings, postings, charitable giving and everything else. So, this post is a hat trick of calendar mentions so that I can actually swan off to my other day job, also known as the WFTA. If you have sent a calendar list/event mention to the Owl more than a few days ago and I haven’t posted, please just send me a reminder. I swear the Town Crier OWES me for taking up where they sometimes were. Never mind.

House of Orange

Starting October 1 and through December 31, it is HUNTING SEASON on Weston’s Conservation lands. No, you are not in danger because this is all bow hunting and if you know anything about hunting, you know that you need to aim pretty darn carefully to net your Bambi. I personally do not know anything about hunting, nor would it be of interest to me, except as a public safety notification. If you are worried about your brown dog with a white chest (ahem, Katie Puppy K9 Ranger), it is time to put on the orange collar/vest. You can also choose to wear orange yourself–this is easy for me in terms of wardrobe–I am Dutch and therefore the House of Orange. Weston does not call it Deer Death or Hunting Season, but rather the “Deer Management Program.” You can choose to think of it as best for your tender heart. You can see which properties are hunted by going to this web page, and you can ask questions of the Conservation department. WFTA stays out of it.


Why, yes, the Owl has indeed renamed the Brush Dump (60 Merriam Street) as Leaftopia. This is where you bring your yard detritus (“waste” is so demeaning to these trees, no?) and leave it amongst its friends there on Conservation land where once Merriam’s cattle roamed. And were shot (NOT the deer management program). That was nasty. Leaftopia is open on six Saturdays from 7 am to 3 pm: October 15, 22, and 29, and November 5, 12 and 19. Note: Only Weston leaves/brush/natural stuff is allowed, and no commercial yard detritus. You must have a valid Weston transfer station sticker on your Tesla or Ferrari. Does Ferrari make a SUV yet? Why not? Maserati SUV, as if. For more information, please visit the official town page.

Transfer Station Permit Renewal and New Stickers

Transfer Station (never ever the dump) permits expire on September 30. Get your new one now by stopping by the Town Hall or by mailing in a form and a check (dropbox also available). You don’t want to pay $2.50 to renew online–I am not sure about mathy stuff but I am pretty sure that paying $2.50 on top of your $5 permit does not make much sense, but you do you. Each car that travels to the transfer station must have a permit. And starting with your third car, it is $20. I do not have a third car. Well, at least until the Owlets drive somewhere around May 2023 and then. I highly recommend that all you coveted northsiders WATCH OUT especially when they will think it fun to play chicken over the one-lane TS bridge. More information of the factual variety is here.


There, you’re up to date.

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