Mamaleh’s Delivery in Weston Tomorrow, September 21

Okay, Mamaleh’s, if I’ve told you once, I have told you a million times: Weston is not “suburban” pick-up; it is semi-rural and depending on where you live, it is in fact flat-out rural. Like I’m going to saddle up the pony to get down the almost-finished-but-not-quite Merriam sidewalk.

Enough semantics. This is your monthly wake-up call that you need BAGELS and lox and corned beef and the million yummy things that come from this fantastic Cambridge deli, which is partially owned by a Weston family. Family coming into town for the long weekend (well, it’s long for some of us)? Get a platter. Get two. Give me one.

You can read all about Mamaleh’s in the Owl here. And then you can figure out how to order with “suburban” pick up by following these instructions:

To Order: Head to’s and schedule your order for PICKUP from Cambridge
Select Wednesday, 9/21 In our Suburban Pick Up menu, find the Weston location and add it to your cart (it’s this $0 menu item that marks your order for us to bring out)
Order off any of the menus! Really! Anything!
Place your order by noon on 9/21

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