The Dark Treason of Benedict Arnold: Presentation at COA September 22

Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash

This Thursday, September 22 from 6 – 7:30 pm, treason gets its day. Fortunately, this is not a current events discussion but rather a presentation about the most famous turncoat in American history (so far), Benedict Arnold. Weston welcomes University of Maryland historian, Richard Bell, who will reconstruct the life and times of Benedict Arnold, the reason for the treason (this could be a rap song, no?), and the betrayals and desertions that dogged the Continental Army during the war.

Having read a bit about Benedict Arnold, I have to say this is one complicated figure. He saved George Washington and the Continental Army’s butts at least two times before saying “I would rather DIE than hang out with the French,” which is more or less why he said “I look better in red.” Why does no one get their factual facts here at the Owl? It boggles the mind.

Is it okay that the Owl finds him a bit of a sympathetic character? Bear in mind that everyone in the Continental Army was arguably treasonous as they took up arms against their King, who was definitely a looney but still their king. Fine, I’m not arguing that we never should have left British rule, but methinks there is more to Benedict Arnold and his reasons for treasons than a rap song and “mountains of cash.” Also, not to spoil the ending, but he was not hung and drawn and quartered for his turncoatedness (what? it’s a word) but rather retired to tea and crumpets in London. So that worked out okay.

Definitely, you are going to want a more correct view of Benedict Arnold and his history. Come on down to the Council on Aging which is located on the Ground Level of the Weston Community Center, 20 Alphabet Lane. Seating is limited for this popular event. Call the COA at 781-786-6280 to register.

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