Weston Cultural Council Seeks Grant Applications

Not a Cultural Council grant but a surprise woodland fairy pig this morning

The Weston Cultural Council is currently seeking grant applications from local organizations and individuals for programs and projects accessible to a broad spectrum of town residents that promote excellence, education, diversity, and inclusion in the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences. Applications will be accepted until October 17 and details can be found at https://massculturalcouncil.org/local-council/weston/

In the past, WCC grants have supported a wide range of activities, including community-wide festivals, concerts, and plays; exhibitions and projects by local artists; nature, science, and environmental education programs and participatory activities; video productions; after-school youth programs; workshops in writing and the visual arts; local history and cultural diversity projects; and lectures and book discussions in the humanities.

Since you asked, my favorite of all of last year’s grants was the one for trees. Tree giveaways. Love. And if you ask me what I would love for this year? Well, this area is of great interest to me: “nature, science, and environmental education programs and participatory activities.” What kinds of environmental programming? Ideas: sustainable, low-water gardening classes (sorry not me teaching as my garden hates me), milkweed and pollinator garden plant give-aways and classes in care for the plants, and more tree classes. Always always more tree classes. Someone please write up a grant request, please and thank you.

Grant applicants are encouraged to work with local institutions such as the Weston Public Library, the Art and Innovation Center, and the Council on Aging to secure a venue in advance for their program. Programming can be in-person, online, hybrid, or hands-on where appropriate. [Ed: if you like the nature/environmental programs idea, I know a non-profit which might have space for your presentation in the great outdoors, 2000 acres of it. Just sayin’].

Questions? Email wcc02493@gmail.com.

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