Weekend Calendar: West Concord Porchfest, Colonial Faire Sudbury and Phantom Gourmet Waltham

Welcome to autumn, folks! And to a serious rainstorm–you should have seen the Owl and a drenched K9 Ranger Katie Puppy run through the upper reservoir when that first thunder rumbled. It was daaaark. Anyway, no one cares, so we will move on to some other great things to do this weekend beyond those already covered (WDF Campout, Emerald Necklace Parkfest, some other stuff I don’t remember…).

West Concord’s Porchfest is on Saturday September 24 from 1-5 pm. Wander the streets, hear some music and enjoy a day out with your neighbors. Okay, so they’re not totally your neighbors but as I recall, Lamson and his Weston Minutemen went up to Concord to help out that town so basically we are citizens. Also you can check out West Concord’s awesome pickleball courts and dream. Wait, too early?

Also Saturday is the Colonial Faire and Muster of Fyfe and Drum at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. Various armaments will be shot off in a safe manner, there will be fyfing and drumming and “colonial demonstrations” including bobbing for salt pork and musket loading. Actually, I have no idea, in case that didn’t show. Admission is $3 for adults, free for kids, and the Wayside Inn is one charming place so check it out.

This is the Owl’s nightmare…but maybe it’s for you. I do like purple.

And finally, for the over 21s, there is a Phantom Gourmet food fest in Waltham on Saturday as well. Does anyone know there are two days in a given weekend? In a nod to the success (and long lines) last year, there are some adjustments to the food sampling etc, but if you’re into this whole Phantom scene, you know you should be wearing purple and leaving your kids, dogs and backpacks at home. Must pre-buy your tickets, not sold at door.


Other local events this weekend are the Wayland-Weston Rowing Ergathon and the Kicks for Cancer Sports extravaganza in Wayland and Concord, respectively. Go ‘cats.

And it’s National Public Lands Day on Saturday, as well. Find a local place to volunteer and appreciate our public lands. More information here.

Let’s all take Sunday off, shall we?

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