“Wild Wild Weston” Boosters Bash Party Tickets on Sale Now

The Owl is going to try incredibly hard not to adopt a cowboy twang but Boosters is making it hard. This year’s Boosters Bash (aka fundraising yee-haw) is titled “Wild Wild Weston.” All attendees will be issued lassos and spurs, the former to rustle up the rats currently invading the Weston Transfer station (transport buses leave at 8 and 10) and the latter to use while moseying over to the bar. Neither is true but the party is: Saturday, November 5 at the Recreation “Saloon.”

On a personal note, the Owl is not a party person, but this is the one party she will attend, mostly because she gets to wear jeans. Also because the title implies to me that Eyes on Owls or the Caterpillar Lab is coming. What? No. But this is about money for student-athletes and the Athletics program is something I care much about (go ‘cats!). Also, the soccer team really needs sideline coats. Fine, no one cares. Also scholarships for athletes. Someone cares. And now to the official word:

The “Wild, Wild Weston” Boosters Bash
Weston Rec “Saloon”

Live Music from Crossroad Band
Incredible Food, Full Bar, Loads of Fun

Boosters hopes to raise dollars to fund college scholarships for deserving student-athletes and to support athletic
programs for all students who wish to play. Funding all these programs is simply beyond the district’s usual
budgetary process; Boosters fills that gap.

Did you know? Over 70% of Weston middle school and high school students played at least one sport per year last year, and so …please consider a sponsorship opportunity at this year’s Bash to boost its success. Your
generosity will not only benefit student-athletes immediately and in the future, but it will also put you in front of over 1,000 community members in pre-event marketing, publicity, and outreach as well as nearly 200 people at the Bash itself. [Please note the Owl considered media sponsorship but alas, outside of budget.]

In the last several years, the Boosters has provided funding for grants such as landing mats for track & field, a
batting turtle for baseball [ummmm, what is a batting turtle?] BOLA ball machine for field hockey [fun fact: BOLA is Portuguese for “ball”], new lacrosse game nets, football tackling dummies and a port-a-phone [I mean no disrespect but some of us have cell phones now], scoring table for basketball & volleyball, lane lines & diving supports for the swim team, mountain fees for Nordic skiing, uniforms for nearly every sport and championship banners that celebrate the success of every Weston sports team. Time for another go ‘cats!

This is a batting turtle: a portable batting cage. I admit to being somewhat disappointed.

Need more information on sponsorship opportunities? Please contact: Jana Hinton: janahinton@gmail.com or
Linda Angelucci: lindae.angelucci@gmail.com.

For tickets, please use the QR code above, or click here. See you there!

Go ‘cats!


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