Cross-Weston Walk Announced: Join WFTA from Lincoln to Wellesley on October 30

Cross-Weston Walk, January 2021

As many Westonians know, there is a long-standing rivalry in Weston between the coveted northside and the desirable southside.* While it does not reach the level of Golden Ball Tavern (loyalist) vs Josiah Smith Tavern (all patriot all the time) competition which caused cannons to be rolled down Boston Post Road (oh fine, that was actually General Knox and K9 Knox and some colonials), the border skirmishes have been legendary, mostly taking place at the Intersection of Doom, the School Street/Route 20 intersection and Highland/Route 20.

In an effort to be uniters rather than dividers, Weston Forest & Trail Association, everyone’s favorite (and only) Weston-based land trust, will be leading a peace walk from north to south on Sunday, October 30, 2022, from 11 am until all stragglers make it to Wellesley (probably around 3:30 pm). The Cross-Weston walk will take place almost entirely on trails, except for a short portion that will run along Wellesley Street’s sidewalk from Route 30 to Norumbega Reservoir (Mass Pike overpass).


On Sunday, October 30, 2022, at 11 am, join Weston Forest & Trail Association for a border-to-border walk through Conservation lands north to south from Lincoln to Wellesley.

The route will be mostly on trails with one short link on sidewalks along Wellesley Street from Route 30 to Norumbega Reservoir. The walk will start at Ogilvie Town Forest where it borders Lincoln, walk down through Jericho Forest, cross Route 20 into Nolte Town Forest, through Highland Forest, cross Route 30, then follow the sidewalk to Norumbega Reservoir (no dogs), Hubbard Forest and then cross Glen Road into Carisbrooke Reservation in Wellesley.

The walk will leave at 11 am from Stonehedge Road in Lincoln (where cars can be left), have a midway snack stop in Nolte Town Forest (near Highland), and then continue with an expected arrival at Carisbrooke around 3:30 pm.

Please make sure you are in proper shape for this walk which will be challenging in distance (expected to be around 8.5 miles) and have several hills as well. No dogs are allowed on this hike — we will be on MWRA property at Norumbega Reservoir where dogs are prohibited.

Walkers will make their own arrangements or carpools for drop-off at the beginning (Stonehedge Road in Lincoln) and pickup (end of the route — cars can be left at the Gail Road/Burt baseball field). Light refreshments will be available at a trustee’s home on Glen Road in celebration of the arrival of all hikers (we really hope, anyway).

Please register for the walk using this form. If you would like to find a carpool, WFTA will provide a list of all attendees to each attendee, including the contact info submitted on the form, during the week before the walk.

Again, please make sure you are in shape for the walk and are prepared with water, lunch, and snacks for the route. No dogs will be allowed, not even WFTA K9 ranger Katie Puppy.

Please contact walk leader Kristin Barbieri at with any questions.

Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA), a 501(c)3 organization run entirely by volunteers, is dedicated to fostering the preservation and enjoyment of open space in Weston. You can find out more at

*Actually, no one cares.

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