High School Back to School Night is Tomorrow, Wednesday September 28

Updated at 1:32 pm to reflect that tomorrow is September 28 NOT September 27. No one is perfect.

So, high school parents, in case you have not been informed by your Owlets and Kidlets and Puppies, tomorrow night, September 28, (and after a two-year hiatus) is in-person High School Back to School Night, also known as “where the f* is room 33 and how do I get there from G250 in three minutes?” night. Know that your students do this every single day and you will never again have to ask why they don’t actually use lockers any more– there is no time.

Also, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of our circa 1961 high school which could really use a razing and re-building with new environmental standards. And if just one…just one…person says “it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for your kids,” I will give them a rotary dial phone and a Cutlass Supreme and see how life goes for them at the gas pump and the app world. Sorry, digression.

By some time tonight, your son or daughter or offspring, should have sent you your schedule for the evening, which mimics their actual day schedules except not because they have an 8 day schedule and you have a 2 hour schedule. And you should know that your high schooler does not attend Back to School Night. No, they are busy at home doing homework or playing Parcheesi (circa 1961 as well).

Parcheesi or actual map of the high school? You decide.

Instead of 68 minute blocks, you will have 10 minutes for the teacher to tell you about what the kids are learning, and then you have 5 minutes to find your way to the next dark and brick-y hallway. No running, folks, and remember there are vape detectors everywhere so don’t even think of powering up. If you are late to class, your kid gets a half grade deducted which is part of the new standards-based learning process (not really) and no, we are not covering that here (there will be a presentation on Friday about that situation but I shall be at breakfast at Heirloom).

Here is what your schedule will look like (except it will be filled in with marginal handwriting by your child):

etc etc…

Good luck with the Rabbit Wildcat Warren:

Please note that the library is NOT in the middle of the softball field. As if.

There is a lot more information contained in Principal Peri’s afternoon memo today. Something about if your kid has a study hall, then you go to Health, or if they have Guidance, you go play dodgeball instead. I don’t know. I am still trying to find my way about this standard-based grading thing, and yes the Owl will write about it but I am very busy and the Grands are in town. All I can say right now is please make plans to attend Friday’s special presentation on it: “All parents/guardians are invited to attend a Parent Forum, or view via livestream, this Friday, 9/30 at 9:00am in the WHS auditorium. More information is forthcoming from the district this afternoon.”

One other last comment. This morning I sent an email to School Committee to try to get some clarity about the standards-based grading pilot and two of the five SC members answered me digitally immediately, and a third one had a chat with me at a cable TV recording session (guess which one!) They all welcome questions and comments. I would be very surprised if you did not get an answer. You can find them at schoolcommittee@weston.org.

In addition, and finally, there will be a School Committee Member Fireside Chat with Alyson Muzila tonight at 8 pm. Official info here:

“The School Committee holds an office hour via Zoom every few weeks. The next office hour occurs Tues., Sept. 27, at 8 p.m., and Alyson Muzila will be the committee member attending.

Join to express views or ask questions about topics that fall under the School Committee’s purview. Recent committee business, for example, has focused on the district’s goals for the 2022-2023 school year, standards-based grading, and guidelines for establishing the FY24 school budget. Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3TMYbGD.”

See some of you at the Wildcat Den tomorrow night!

Go ‘cats!

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