Weston High School Gush: Activities Fair

Yeah, I know the Owl is obsessed with the high school. There are reasons for this, not all of them to do with the Owlets. In this case, the Owl was sent the link to a video done by Weston Media Center and high school senior Mackenzie Morong, who is a student board member of WMC. And spent six minutes really enjoying hearing from our high school students about the various clubs and activities there are at the high school–currently I believe there are around 4 billion clubs. I will get that verified by the math club.

Robotics, yearbook, women’s empowerment, diversity, equity, inclusion, Latin, wow! Take a look-see and love the energy, and impressive interview skills of Mackenzie. Also, has anyone ever seen a presentation or heard Principal Paul Peri get through any commentary EVER without saying the word “proud”? Me neither. And I’m proud that he’s Weston’s principal so what comes around, goes around.

Go ‘cats!

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