Healthy Weston: Flu Shot and COVID Shots Available Literally Everywhere

Owl photos are so much better than vaccine photos, right? Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

The Owl is feeling karma’s targeted blast this morning as she waits for a nail to be removed from a tire–a nail that appeared right after a certain soccer parent may have secretly (never ever vocally) wished that Boston Latin’s team would have JUST ONCE this season let our team win. And yeah, nail in tire there in West Roxbury, so I think the answer was something like “no” and furthermore “f*u.” Sigh. Moving onwards. By the way, I totally love Direct Tire in Watertown. I will name my next child Direct Tire and fortunately for them, I am way beyond those years.

Last night was Back to School Night at the high school, and beyond learning what an awesome bunch of teachers we have in Weston (#1 School District in MA, folks!) and how most of the building really has not been updated since 1961 (yes I know I’ve said that), one of the teacher sessions was canceled because of COVID rearing its ugly head. And so, in the way of the Owl to talk randomly about whatever bee is buzzing around her asymmetrical ears, it’s time to talk vaccines. And if you don’t want to hear about it, scroll on by. The delete key exists for a reason. Mine is practically worn off my six-year old laptop.

Bottom line: It is soooooo easy to get a flu shot. And a COVID shot or booster. The Owl got her flu shot at last week’s annual exam and it literally DID NOT HURT and if there is anything an Owl hates besides people blowing through stop signs and of course Boston Latin parking lots, it is shots. So you can trust me on this. Go get one. Get one for a friend who you bring with you. I got the flu vaccine at the doctor’s office and the latest COVID booster at CVS.

Here’s how to find a shot near you:

At your local pharmacy:

  • Many pharmacies are offering both flu shots and updated COVID-19 boosters.
  • To find a location that has the updated COVID-19 booster, go to, or . You can also text your zip code to 438829 or call 1-800-232-0233. When booking your updated vaccine booster online, you can select both “COVID-19 booster” and “flu vaccine.” Or you can ask the pharmacy.

At your doctor’s office:

Each doctor’s office has its own strategy here so call ahead.

Weston Board of Health (go ‘cats!):

COVID-19 Pfizer Bivalent Booster Being Offered for the month of October: The Weston Board of Health will offer the Pfizer Bivalent Booster dose in a series of mini clinics for the month of October on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. You must register for an appointment here:

Flu Clinics:

Friday, October 21st at Town Hall from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This clinic is open to everyone age 9 and over. Parents/guardians for those younger than 9 years are encouraged to contact their pediatrician to review vaccination schedules and clinic options that are best suited for the younger population.

Monday, October 24th at the COA from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm is only open to people who are 65 plus- this is a high dose vaccine- specific for this age group ONLY.

 You must register in order to participate in either clinic and can register for either clinic by clicking on the following link: For assistance with registration call the Council on Aging at 781-786-6280

For more information, please see Weston’s Board of Health page here.

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