WEEFC Fall Fundraiser Silent Auction Open to All

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The Owl is a huge fan of WEEFC (Weston Education Enrichment Fundraising Committee) except for one thing. The name. OMG, the name. It hurts my purple Kellogg marketing soul. I have two options for you, WEEFC, one of which is to take some of my suggested names (How about “Weston Better” or “Weston Wins”? Not everything should be an acronym you know) OR make re-naming the committtee a silent auction item. The latter would be really cool–just like helpful world citizens named Boaty McBoatface and the police department completely ignored all the cool names like Fluffy, Sgt Pepper and Spot suggested by small kids in town and got all historical with cannon general names for K-9 Knox. Sigh. Okay what’s my point?

WEEFC’s Fall Fundraiser this Saturday October 1 is sold out which is awesome for them. Fortunately for those of us with introverted souls, there is still a way to get involved and generate funds for our students’ betterment (see? Weston Better would be a good name). The silent auction is now open for mobile bidding, and several fun opportunities were highlighted just this morning:

Zdeno Chara Stick & Bruins Memorabilia (did you know Chara is Slovakian? And did you know the Slovakian Honorary Counsel lives in our town? That is cool. Also, Slovakia’s president is a woman. More coolerer.)

Four Green Monster Seats

Golf at TCC with Paul Peri (this would be super fun especially because I am not especially confident that our proud principal plays golf).

WHS Student Parking Spot Drawing (ummmmmmm, Owlets don’t drive solo til May. Wonder if I should do it anyway).

So far, I do not see front row seating for WHS Graduation listed but maybe I missed it. That gets totally crazy. Like I think I bought my car for less than that went for a few years ago.

You can participate in the silent auction even if you’re not attending the fundraiser by visiting the event website and clicking “sign-in” in the upper right-hand corner to register. If you’d like to be assigned a proxy bidder for live items, please email weefc02493@gmail.com.  

Interested in bidding on a package as a group? Choose one person to do the bidding for either a silent or live item. Once you’ve been declared the winner, WEEFC can divide the cost amongst your group. All proceeds from the event will go towards funding innovative enrichment programming that enhances the curriculum at all five Weston Public Schools. 

WEEFC, a subcommittee of the Weston School Committee, funds grants submitted by teachers, administrators and students for pre-K-12 enrichment programming that falls outside of the annual school budget. The board solicits tax-deductible donations from the community throughout the school year.


  • You may dislike acronyms, but I  even more dislike names which tell NOTHING about what is being named!! So instead of “weston better” (Weston provisions is entitled to that name already!!) how about   “Weston Learns”, or it that’s too lame, come up with something better but at least have it be INFORMATIVE as to its meaning!

    • I am not opposed to what you say though I might say that I am surprised at the “entitlement” comment about Weston Provisions. I was just in there and will ask about that next time–is that their motto? Oops. I was somewhat joking about the names, as you may know….

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