Viles Farmstand: Mums, Pumpkins, Gourds and Veggies, Too

One of my favorite small farmstands in Weston, the Viles Farm, is hitting fall hard, after a bit of a rough start to the year due to family illness. The Owl stopped by with the Grand Owl for a bit of a shop on the way home from a lovely breakfast at Heirloom and a walkthrough of Weston Table and Weston Provisions. All Weston, All the Time. Or AWATT. Yes, acronyms are tricky.

In any case, the proliferation of pumpkins and chrysanthemums caught our eyes as we wound our way down Conant Road (The Viles farmstand is at 300 Conant). Henry Viles was around and about, watering the chrysanthemums of orange and dark red, as wel as telling us what’s up next. We missed the peaches, sadly, but more vegetables including onions, potatoes and maybe even corn will show up on Sunday after 2 pm for those in the veggie procurement way.

Bins of apples are out, piles of interesting-shaped gourds, pumpkins and chrysanthemums. The pumpkins are very well-priced at $5 each, the chrysanthemums are 2 for $15. Get a bunch. We did, in full violation of the Owl By-Law for pumpkins which can only be displayed starting October 1. Don’t get me started on Costco which seems to be moving on from Christmas decor to Valentine’s Day stuff here on September 30. Apparently Bear Hill Road has its own calendar.

In any case, let’s put a highly-recommend on the Viles Farm this weekend. Shop local!

The Viles Farm is at 300 Conant Road and you can park in the driveway. For an interesting (slightly biased here) history on the Viles Farm, you can read the Owl post from last spring.

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