National Taco Day Meets Taco Tuesday

Today, October 4, is National Taco Day, a day in which I deeply believe. While not yet a town or state holiday, I have high hopes that the Select Board will receive a citizen’s petition to make it so. Also, I would like our resident-owned taco truck to permanently park in front of or in the back of the JoSTice so that I can have lunch break there every single day when Weston Forest & Trail Association finally moves in…whenever that will be…sigh. Anyway, TACOS.

For recommendations on local places to get your taco, please check out sister media site (hahahahaha, no) CBS Boston for actual coverage. Me, I have heard a rumor from the always well-informed John Marchiony that there are tacos being sold from the Gulf station in Wayland. I may have to check that out or hire an intern to check it out (and bring back evidence).

My discovery is that the absolute best shrimp tacos around are at Craft Food Halls at Citypoint. Surprising? Yes. Maybe my Texan friends would disagree but I find we don’t normally agree on much, so no one cares. Remember that the Market Basket bypass to City Point is currently closed but you can get there from Third Avenue, Waltham.

Where do you get your tacos? Tell the Owl the best spots (within say 7 miles–you know and I know that the big city is too far for these feathered wings).

Happy National Taco Day/Taco Tuesday!


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