History Under One Roof is Open Wednesday and Thursday This Week at the JST

As mentioned in a prior Owl, the Weston Historical Society has re-opened the “History Under One Roof” exhibit at the JoSTice (Josiah Smith Tavern) on a limited basis. If you have not spent some time at the exhibit learning about the generations of people and horses who called the JST home, then you won’t know many interesting facts about the place. Some facts aren’t even covered in the extensive exhibit–such as did you know 8 feet of manure was found under the elevator shaft? Really, I can’t make this stuff up and indeed don’t have to.

This week you have two opportunities to catch the exhibit–on Wednesday, October 5 from 12-2 pm, and on Thursday, October 6 from 5-7 pm. A bonus feature for Thursday night is a special talk by Pamela Fox, Weston’s premier historian, at 5:30 pm. Plus refreshments will be offered, which are just bound to be historically-correct tacos.

Make sure to stop by and check out this amazing space and the exhibit that will be there through December.

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