Connecting with Conservation: Get the Latest from Town Hall

Conservation Connections photo by Debbie Howell

Let it be known (as if it isn’t already) that the Owl has always been biased towards the conservation efforts in this town. Full disclosure is that the Owl is in her second term as an executive board member with Weston Forest & Trail Association, the 501c3 which works with the Conservation Department to preserve and protect Weston’s open space and access to it.

So while the Owl is often aware of the efforts made to preserve and protect, she realizes that many of you are not as clued in because you don’t spend every single possible waking minute on the trails. Oh yeah, day jobs. Shoot. Fortunately for you, there is the WFTA monthly newsletter (sign up here) and there is the Conservation Connections, the town’s wonderful quarterly newsletter of all that happens around town in Conservation.

The Fall 2022 Conservation Connections is filled with photos and information about past summer happenings and current events. Like, did you know that Regis students recently built a new trail in Highland to avoid some wet spots? It is super fun and even has a bicycle jump which was a bit unintentional really. And Rivers kids did a recent trash clean-up on the rail trail. We are fighting knotweed and (almost) winning. Also it’s deer-hunting season–know what that means for you.

Credit: Debbie Howell

You can sign up for the quarterly newsletter here: and click the appropriate choices. I also recommend the DPW report which is pretty amazing, though the photos in the CC newsletter are much more fun (foxes and buttterflies vs large trucks. You choose).


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