Weston Welcomes Michelle LeBlanc, Assistant to the Town Manager

And now, in the next edition of Great Things Happening in Weston that No One Knows About (working title), did you know we have a new Assistant to the Town Manager? While this may appear to be a repeat of a January 24, 2022 post when we welcomed Anthony Senesi (and said goodbye a few months later), this is FOR REAL and we have an awesome person in this role who I admit I have not yet met but like already. Because she answers my emails and…even responded exactly on deadline. Three cheers for communications people!!

Okay, so calming down from my second espresso shot, here’s the news. Since early September, Michelle LeBlanc has taken on the Assistant to the Town Manager (that is Leon Gaumond in case you are living under a rock) role. And we are so glad to have her onboard—please send her a welcome note to leblanc.m@westonma.gov , or interrupt whatever zoom she is on to sing her the Welcome to Weston song. You don’t know it? Have another espresso and I am sure you can remember it.

Michelle LeBlanc, Courtesy photo

Owl: When did you start your job in Weston? I hear it was the night of the shortest town meeting in recent history…
Michelle: I started on September 13, 2022- which was in fact a Special Town Meeting Day. It was a great experience. I got the chance to meet many people in the Weston Community. It was nice to see how involved people are. The meeting lasted about an hour- which I was surprised by. I know not to expect that going forward..lol

Owl: What are your job priorities?
Michelle: I am responsible for providing professional support in the daily operations of the Town Manager’s Office and the Select Board with various administrative tasks as well as any other duties that may be assigned. I communicate on a daily basis with the Weston Residents who contact Town Hall. I manage the Town’s website and social media accounts.

Owl: What’s your background and what brought you to Weston? Rumor has it you were once with a police department.
Michelle: I was in Law Enforcement for 15 years, and I wanted a change, so I pursued another career path. I have been working in administration for several years. I have a friend who works for the Town of Weston who raved about how great the community is, and how she enjoys working for the town. She told me about the opening so I applied.

Owl: Did you grow up around here?
Michelle: I grew up in South Boston, and then moved to the South Shore because I was sick of not having a parking spot whenever I returned home. Lol.

Owl: Who is your favorite superhero?
Michelle: My favorite superheroes happen to be real. They are the individuals who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis for us, which include Military, Police, Fire and EMS.

Owl: Tell us about your pets. 
Michelle: I have a huge heart when it comes to animals. I have 3 dogs which were all rescues. They are mixed breeds.

Owl: What’s a fun fact about you that you could share with us?
Michelle: I love the Halloween season. I actually have Halloween decorations up in my home year-round.

Owl: What is the best way to reach you?
Michelle: You can find me at the Town Hall- Town Managers Office or you can contact me at: (781) 786-5026

Welcome, Michelle!

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  • Three rescue dogs. Say no more. Well, actually, I’m assuming there was a follow-up question and since the answer wasn’t “Last Hope K9 Rescue,” it was edited for space. But returning to my main point, 3 rescue dogs! Welcome, Michelle!

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