Weston Fire Department Open House – Saturday October 15

On Saturday, October 15, we have another one of those Westonpalooza days– the police department 5K, the WCCA mini-marathon, the Children’s Business Fair, a JoSTice Open House AND the fire department open house, all within about 1/8 mile of each other in central downtown Weston. Wowza! Hope you weren’t planning to get to any of your kids’ BAYS soccer games.

The Fire Department Open House is the kickoff to the annual Fire Prevention week. From 10 am – 2pm, Saturday October 15th, there will be “giveaways, light refreshments, interactive stations and live demonstrations” at the Weston Fire House at 394 Boston Post Road.

Okay, hold up a second here–what exactly is meant by “interactive stations?” Is that the “Water Spray House?” Do we get to nominate who gets sent into the water spray house? And where do we vote for the next mascot of the fire department? We demand a dog, Fire Department, just do it, or we will not pay for a new firehouse. Oh fine, I’m kidding, please still come out when we have a fire pit incident (which I will now call an “interactive station.”)

It’s always fun to see the big red trucks, no matter what age you are. Check out the new Pride of the South Side truck (if it’s there and not keeping to the desirable south side) and the new ambulance. Hope you never have to see them in action at your house. And thank our public safety workers who take care of us each and every day.


….just sayin’, fire department…

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