Children’s Business Fair at the AIC This Saturday, October 15

Natalia Chan with her Soap Safari products. Courtesy photo.

And now for another of the Westonpalooza events that will take place this Saturday, October 15: it’s the Children’s Business Fair, presented by the amazing Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland. Come and check out 50 kid businesses and their kid-made products from 11 am to 3 pm at the Weston Art & Innovation Center. All you private equity guys should get in line by 10 am to make sure you can get first dibs.

This is the second year this event has been held at the AIC — after the smashing success of last year, there are a number of fun new businesses. I can’t wait to hear all about them from these entrepreneurs–they will all be on site explaining what exactly is a “Pixie pouch” and if Jello is used to make soap, and all kinds of other tough questions the Owl intends to pose. If no one has stated the obvious, the holiday season is upon us, as well as the Owlets’ sixteenth birthday (OMG, clear the streets–but also they need soap because…boys…sports…bleh). What exactly high school sophomores will think of unicorn-shaped soap, I do not know. Well, actually I do so I’ll just buy it for myself.

Natalia Chan, age 7, is one of the kidpreneurs–she learned to make soap by watching videos on YouTube (this is also how the Owlets plan to learn to drive. Oh just kidding), named her business The Soap Safari, designed her own logo with an app (wish I had thought of that…alas, Fivrrr), and has made marketing flyers for her handmade vegan animal soaps. The animals are not necessarily vegan but the soap is. What do unicorns eat? Ah yes, rainbows.

Many of the kidpreneurs will be offering options of custom-made products that can be delivered locally. Thinks of gifts, party favors, presents for Owls (what? it’s a blog, folks, not the New York Times).

Photo credit: Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland

Another of the kidpreneurs highlighted on the Rotary Club’s page is Addison Lily who is the creator of “Pixie Parlor” and the one I will be questioning about who these pixies are and if they are registered to vote. Addison will be selling handmade pixie pouches and bracelets, and will also take custom orders for bracelets. 

You can also stop by Emary and Alden’s “Cards & Cocoa,” where customers can buy a handmade card and a steaming hot cup of cocoa. Why does no adult think of such awesome cross-marketing? You can follow some of the kids’ stories on the Rotary Club’s facebook page here.

Rotary Club literature lists many available kid products: “picture books, t-shirts, origami crafts, Pixie pouches, bracelets, jewelry, gimp arts & crafts, sushi erasers, nature artwork, henna tattoos, homemade food and drinks, clay beads, tie-dye polos, sustainable clothing, painted rocks, custom pillows and much, much more!” My advice? Bring a tote bag or reusable grocery bag in which to stuff all of your prizes–NOT the hot cocoa, please. Be sure to support all of these creative and energetic business managers–they’ve worked hard to be there.


The second annual Children’s Business Fair will be held at the Weston Art & Innovation Center, 356 Boston Post Road. Shopping is open to the public Saturday, October 15 11 am – 3 pm. Presented by the Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland,


  • Thank you for this wonderful story of our event!!

  • Deer and wise Owl.

    An item that you may have missed buried in the voluminous media relations blitz from our public image team (that’s Rotary speak for marketing and public relations is that there is a prize this year for the most environmentally sustainable business. The environment is the newest of Rotary’s seven areas of service, which we would be delighted to tell you more about when we see you on Saturday.

    Our adoption of the Sears field off Crescent Street is our main project in the conservation realm. Are 5-year plan is to create a Pollinator Paradise. Even before we have planted attractive destinations for pollinators, our efforts have already expanded into beekeeping and honey production. Apparently, our bees were particularly busy and generated a record amount of honey.

    • I do know that! And you may know an Owlet recently traveled to Costa Rica to do research on pollinators…and hopefully will present soon at Library. 🙂

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