Friday Night Lights: It’s Senior Night for Weston Boys Soccer October 14

The Weston Boys Soccer Class of 2023 invites you, Weston, to help celebrate their last Friday Night Lights at Proctor Field on the Weston High School campus. Please come out to cheer on these amazing student-athletes as they take to the field in hot pink to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Also, they look awesome in pink.

The weather looks perfect–the skies will clear in time for a 63-degree balminess (well, relatively speaking) at game time. Take this opportunity to wear your favorite hot pink or pastel pink or whatever pink you love and cheer for the team. Don’t forget to check out and buy some new Wildcat gear from the Boosters volunteers on site, and the snack shack will be open with Chick Fil-a for all (who have money, anyway).

The game starts at 7:30 pm. At 7 pm, there will be a tear-jerker of a senior ceremony–I am not even kidding. Check out the posters of these eleven athletes who will be graduating in June–remember when they were on BAYS? Kicking a ball in the backyard? Time flies.

The senior athletes on the team who will all be on the field at kick-off are:

Anthony Bartolotti, Gauthier Bodet, Merrill Chiang, Trevor Gold, Matthew Korbin (captain), John Kurkjian, Erik Lambert (captain), Holden Langenhagen (captain), Luke Leonardo, Peter Lorusso (captain), and Davis Palmer.

Note that Waltham will also be celebrating their senior night chez nous, as their field is under construction. They hosted us when Proctor Field was closed for renovations several years ago so this is called good sportsmanship. I like Waltham, just not when they play Weston.

This is a very important night for all of these athletes–please come out and cheer them on. At Wayland Girls Soccer senior night on Tuesday (yes I went–they played Weston), the stands were packed with community members and supporters of all ages. Let’s do that. Let’s cheer for Weston Boys Soccer Friday night at 7:30 pm. Because we are the Wildcats.

See you there! Oh, and go ‘cats!

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