Get Your Cake and Eat It Too: Support METCO Scholarships

Ermigod, CAKE! And scholarships–all in one! Well, sort of. Some are edible and some are life-changing so let’s do both. The Boston Weston METCO Parents Organization (BWMPO) announce the fall fundraiser to benefit the John Hudson Memorial Scholarship Fund. You can learn about this important scholarship for our METCO students by reading about CAKE first and then other stuff.

The BWMPO fall fundraiser is all about CAKE with Boston-based My Grandma’s Coffee Cakes. By the way and because no Owl is complete with a digression, I had no idea about the MGCC mania until I moved to Weston eight years ago. It is a THING, non-Boston-area people. Coffee cake. Also Dunkin and fluffernutters and calling highways by their old numbers (hello, 128). And never ever let someone in front of you in traffic. Ever.

Back to CAKE. There are four flavors available; try one or get all four.  Each cake is $20 and payment can be made via Venmo @BWMPO1. Orders can be placed until noon on November 4th and will be available for pickup (in Boston or Weston depending on where you reside) on November 19th.  These cakes are perfect for the holidays and maintain their freshness even if they’re frozen and enjoyed later.  Wait, what? Who freezes cake to eat later? Eat it now. Your family coming in from Minnesota won’t know that they’ve missed out.

The John Hudson METCO Scholarship is named for John Hudson, Chair of the Boston Weston METCO Parent Organization for many years. He was instrumental in making it possible for METCO parents to serve as part of the Weston School Committee. John was the father of three children who graduated from the METCO program in Weston. He died in 2014.  

Scholarship funds are awarded to applicants in varying amounts according to merit, community service, and METCO involvement.  No financial information is required from parents or students.

The Boston-Weston METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities) program brings approximately 167 students, grades K-12, from Boston to Weston’s public schools. The usual class size of METCO students is 12 but the Owl is completely behind in her research and will double-check the size of the class of 2023. Back later. With cake but none for you.

Please contact Keitrice Johnson with any questions and submit your orders here.

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