Eyes on Owls at Farrington Nature Linc – Saturday October 22

This morning is not going exactly as planned–an Owlet is down for the count with a mystery virus that wiped out seven kids from Weston Boys Soccer (let’s NOT discuss yesterday’s game at Newton South) and various gaskets are blowing on our furnace and oven. So you’ll have to wait for Part 2 of the Drabbington Lodge until I have recovered full control of the gaskets. Also I have drawing class today and that always makes me happier. Do you get this inside view of journalists’ lives at the New York Times? I think not.

In any case, in my email box this morning was a reminder to get everyone out for this Saturday’s Pumpkinfest fundraiser and pumpkin toss (kidding there) for Camp Sunshine. Our high schoolers will be working their tushes off hollowing out squashes and doing crafts with kids. You can read more here.

After you’ve mucked about on the Town Green a bit, it’s time to head over to my once-favorite, now-not-so-much town of Lincoln for a presentation on Owls. I am bitter about a 9-0 soccer drubbing at the hands of L-S but I guess I will blame Sudbury. The OWLS are coming to Farrington Nature Linc and I love them. And I love Marcia, which she doesn’t know and there’s no need to make a big deal of it. Why do the owls never come to Weston? Dear Weston Public Library, please bring owls to the Community Room. I love the owls. Did I mention that? Anyway, check it out:


Saturday, October 22nd, from 1-2 PM at Farrington Nature Linc – Eyes on Owls! 

Marcia Wilson, Naturalist of Eyes on Owls, will introduce the audience to owls found in New England and other parts of the world. Marcia imitates the owls’ calls herself, paying special attention to the more common owls that we might encounter in our area.

After a hooting lesson and much audience anticipation, Marcia brings out the live owls one at a time. With each owl perched securely on her gloved hand, she walks out among the audience with six owls. There’s plenty of time for close-up views, photos, and questions.

Each owl presented has a permanent disability which prevents them from surviving on their own in the wild. These non-releasable owls serve as captivating ambassadors from the world of wildlife. All the owls are legally permitted by state and federal agencies for use in environmental educational programs.

Secure your tickets here! https://bit.ly/fnlevents 

Farrington Nature Linc is located at 291 Cambridge Turnpike in Lincoln.

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