Wildcat Tracks: Weston High School’s Newspaper

And now, dear readers, a moment of pride as this Gen Xer figured out how to add a hard link from the Weston Owl to the Weston High School Wildcat Tracks. Minor victories like this make a tough day just a little bit better.

Drumroll…presenting the student newspaper for the best high school in the state of Massachusetts (fight me, Dover-Sherborn, no, wait, don’t), Wildcat Tracks. Published in real old-fashioned newsprint if you are a lucky student of said number 1 school, Wildcat Tracks is available online as well, though not all articles are online that are in print. Do not try to figure this out; just go with it.

Articles this month include stories about the new vape detectors in school, hotels for cell phones (yes, even your phone lives better than you do at WHS), a freshman girl on the WHS football team, a new book by Dr. Henry and lots of other items you may not know. Meet the new Assistant Principal if you haven’t already and learn what goes on at 444 Wellesley Street.

With permission from faculty lead Kate Lemons, and WHS principal Paul Peri, Wildcat Tracks is now on the top menu for the Weston Owl and there is a hard link to their page. Occasionally, certain articles will be re-printed here. Please enjoy and support our homegrown journalists. Go ‘cats!


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