Wayland-Weston Crew at Head of the Charles, Sunday October 23

W-W at the HOCR, October 2019

Okay, Weston, it’s time to get out to the Charles River in Cambridge or townie side to cheer on W-W Crew, affectionately known as Dub-Dub Crew, and hopefully never ever as Blub-Blub crew. Having once rowed for a college team whose boat got knocked into a bridge by another college that shall remain nameless but wears red, and then sank, the chances are remote but never zero.

Let’s go to the Chris Maietta-provided press release. Owl aside: this is one of the few times you are allowed to cheer for Wayland, folks. Tonight Weston Boys Soccer is up against Wayland Boys Soccer in the latter’s senior night and is playing with half the team only…because flu…and the ones left on the field sound exactly like the ‘cats have a hairball (do not tell the Owlet I said this)…but go ‘cats!

Back to rowing, my favorite sport:

This Sunday, October 23, Wayland-Weston Crew varsity student-athletes are racing in the world-renowned Head of the Charles Regatta. One boat is racing in each of three events: Men’s Youth Single Sculls event featuring 45 entries; Men’s Youth Eights with Coxswain with 89 entries; and Women’s Youth Eights with Coxswain with 90 entries. This year marks Wayland-Weston Crew’s 20th consecutive participation in the regatta. See the regatta web site for details about parking, best spots for viewing, food, and much more, http://www.hocr.org.

Totally busted into this boathouse in 2019. Totally keeping that quiet.

If you are not familiar with the Head of the Charles, make sure you go and watch, preferably on Sunday, but on either of the two race days. It is the world’s most beautiful rowing race (fight me, Henley) and is filled with beautiful athletes in well-timed orchestrated harmony with gorgeous rowing shells that make you wonder why you ever quit rowing as a masters athlete (ahem, me).

The twisting, 3-mile upstream course starts at Boston University’s DeWolfe Boathouse and squeezes under 7 bridges. The regatta draws some 11,000 competitors from around the world, representing 790 schools, colleges, clubs, national teams, with 2,471 boats racing this weekend.

You can find the times of the events that Dub-Dub is in here. And more about Wayland-Weston Rowing Association at their website here. Go War-Cats!

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  • Love this piece. Also check back the W-W Crew FB posting to see where the gang meets up on Sunday. Feel the sheer power of roars both above and beneath the bridge resonate when our boat passes.

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