Weston Financial Summit, Monday October 31: Don’t Say You Didn’t Know

Weston’s annual Financial Summit will be held this Monday, October 31 starting at 8:30 am. This is a meeting of the minds between the Finance Committee, the Select Board and the School Committee. I could also term it as learning what is going to be the year’s bugaboo. No, not pickleball–watch for commentary on the union contract and rising energy costs.

The Owl has her own solution to the rising energy costs but you’re not going to like it. Time to smush the current 1962-era high school which is massively inefficient, and build one powered entirely by solar and goats. And maybe a waterwheel at the high school pond-never-lake. Don’t say no until you look at the numbers.

Speaking of the numbers, enrollment is up 3%, out of district costs are up 14% and there are some more mathy percentages going on. As far as I know, and this is outside the Owl’s area of expertise, we are without a finalized teachers’ union contract. So this could be an interesting summit. Also, one hopes everyone comes in costume.

You can get the agenda online here.

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