Boosters Bash: Why Your Support Matters

Photo courtesy of Weston Boosters

Weston, we are less than two weeks away from putting on our cowboy boots, our be-dazzled shirts and practicing our Yee-haws at this years Wild Wild Weston Boosters Bash on November 5 at the Weston Recreation Center. Go ‘cats!

It will be the Owl’s first foray into the world of Boosters–though I have been on many committees in town, Boosters is not one of them and I have yet to be at one of their fundraisers. And yet, and yet, we have all –not just high school athletes–benefitted from their support. Here’s why you should pull out your wallets or your cowboy boots, or maybe both:

Weston Boosters raises money to support programs, technology, equipment, and uniforms for Weston Athletics. Did you think it stops there? Not even close. Many funded items are used by students in all schools/fields during Physical Education classes or in youth programs. And Boosters provides college scholarships for need-based student-athletes. During the 2020 Covid pandemic, Boosters stepped far outside its charter & donated $7,500 to WEEFC to help purchase air purifiers for the school district.

Supporting Boosters means supporting all Weston school children, from elementary school to high school. Over 70% of middle & high school students play at least one sport per year–that means Boosters’ efforts directly impact more than 600 student-athletes.

Last year, Boosters granted over $50,000 for items such as; a ball machine and goalie clinics for field hockey, lacrosse game nets, porta-phone & tackling dummies for football, scoring table & chairs for basketball and volleyball, a record board for track, championship boards for so many championship teams and uniforms for girls & boys basketball, boys lacrosse, golf, tennis and track, and much more.

What Boosters doesn’t know is that the Owl is heading into the November 5 party to suss out the best way to get some funds for boys soccer. If you look at the paragraph above (written by our Athletic Director), you will see that soccer is not directly mentioned (okay fine, we got some new uniforms for the 60+ boys who are in the soccer program). Boys soccer needs funding for a video analysis system and I’m going to corner various folks to tell them why. Fair warning, Boosters.

Why sports matter

It should be mentioned that the party sounds massively fun and we’ll talk more about that in a future Owl. Right now, I’m all about YOU coming to this party, or if you can’t make it or hate people, but know how important athletics and college scholarships are, you can still donate money or sponsor the Bash, or participate in the 50/50 opportunity draw.

Get involved and be a part of the Go ‘Cats team:

  • Purchase your tickets today here!  
  • Join forces with parents on the team, a group of friends or your company and consider a Bash sponsorship
  • Take your chance with Boosters’ 50/50 Opportunity Draw!
  • Can’t attend?  Become a SuperFan!


The Weston Boosters mission is to foster positive community involvement and generate awareness, enthusiasm, and financial support for Weston’s athletic facilities and student athlete programs. You can learn more about Weston Boosters at their website here. It’s not all about football, folks.

Go ‘cats!

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