Periodic Housekeeping at the Weston Owl

This is actualy a Lincoln owl.

If you are new to the Weston Owl, you will learn that I post various “housekeeping” items from time to time. This means you scroll on by. No, it doesn’t–it means you at least swiftly peruse the fine print.

First of all, I have been made aware of some issues on the email subscriptions–apparently the header is coming in GIGANTIC to some folks and the photos are all messed up. While I do love my logo, that is completely unintentional and I am trying to fix it. In all honesty, I hate the tech-y parts of this site and just want to write. So expect this fix to take most of your lifetimes. Most of mine. I do have a Millennial on it so there is hope. In the meantime, if the emails are really annoying, just go over to where everything seems to be just lovely. I thank the folks who told me about this problem–it is not appearing as an issue on my email which is why it took me so long to realize.

Second of all, I have recently received anonymous email comments to the page (fake email addresses) that have cast aspersions on various townsfolk and on the Owl’s sunny nature. I am not sure what the writers expect me to do with this stuff… I am not going to investigate any claims from anonymous sources and if you don’t like the “go ‘cats” nature of the Owl, there is a scroll key on your phone or computer. I am not a fan of anonymous communications–I put my name out there every day, as do many volunteers in town. You may not agree with me, but I do welcome you to figure out WordPress yourself and start your own attributed blog.

Now, onwards to more Haunted Hospital and other posts.

Ah, and go ‘cats!

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  • Owl, please don’t waste energy or electrons on replying to the anonymous writers who send you inappropriate messages. They don’t deserve even that level of recognition, and it encourages their cowardly behavior. Spare us.

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