State General Election Information: Vote, Weston!

The State General Election takes place on November 8, 2022, from 7 am to 8 pm. There is still time to register to vote for that election–but you’ll need to act lively—by October 29, 2022.

Because you live in the great state of Massachusetts and the greater town of Weston, you have many options to get your vote in. Until you have lived in another country (or even state these days) and seen how hard it is to vote, you cannot truly appreciate how easy we have it. Mr. Owl spends hours in line, in Brazil, and this Sunday here in some Med- or Malden or something town to get his vote counted in the Brazilian national elections. So, bear in mind that the Owl has zero patience for those who “don’t have time to vote” or worse, “don’t care.” Remember what happened to Pierre and not caring, as the Grand Owl used to remind me.

I turned in my ballot yesterday–I had registered for absentee voting– and dropped off the ballot at the Town Hall on my way to covid shot #44000000000. Easy peasy. There are many many options. Please see the town webpage for more information.

Vote, Weston!


State General Election, November 8, 2022, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Register to Vote for the State General Election by October 29, 2022

In- Person Early Voting at Town Hall in the Town Clerk’s Office 

Saturday, October 29  9am-5pm 

October 24 to November 4 – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30AM to 5PM

View the 2022 State Primary Sample Ballot (PDF) to learn more about what you can expect to see on the ballot on election day. View the 2022 State Primary Election results.

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