Rough Patch Salsa is Ready for Your House or Someone Else’s

Continuing on her mission to raise money for the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center, local Weston resident Julie Palen has limited edition Rough Patch Salsa ready for home consumption, gift-giving (no one cares if you give it to yourself), and party favors. What is a party without salsa? I wouldn’t know; I’ve never been to one.

You can read about Julie and her salsa girl mission in a past Owl. In summary, money raised from the sale of Rough Patch Salsa goes to the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center, an organization that provides children and adults assistance in healing the trauma of abuse.

Julie covers the costs involved in making and jarring “Rough Patch Salsa.” The salsa is from a special secret recipe and it is delicious! All proceeds from sales of the salsa are donated to the WKCAC.

Julie will deliver to your home or work here in Weston and environs, just not Waltham because I am still mad about soccer senior night. Oh fine, she’ll deliver to Waltham but it will cost you an extra $10 each jar. Oh, Julie says no to that, too. Fine, Waltham, take everything, salsa and hopes and dreams. Same $10.

If you’ve not tried Julie’s homemade salsa, trust me when I say you have a treat in store. If you would like to support Julie’s mission and the Child Advocacy Center, you can can find out more about Rough Patch Salsa and order some jars of your very own on facebook or by sending an email to Julie at

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