Changing Demographics is Next Topic for COA’s Discussion Group – November 10

The timely subject of changing demographics will be taken up at the November 10 meeting of the Local and Global Discussion Group of the Weston Council on Aging, The meeting is hybrid – participants may join either in person or via Zoom. It will be led by longtime group member Graham Atkin who has had an interesting travel life – he was born in Yorkshire, educated in England, taught chemistry in the Far East, lived next door to Weston in Lincoln, and now resides in Amsterdam with his wife, who is originally from the Netherlands.

Among the questions to be taken up are:

1) International migration has increased over the past decades. How will this phenomenon affect demographics in the United States? What are the potential benefits and consequences? And what will be the impact of the current mass migration to this country over the Mexican border?

2) What is more concerning – population growth and the effect this has on the quality of life, or population decline and the impacts this has on the labor force, retirement, social security, etc.?

3) Some countries have implemented pro-natalist policies to boost declining fertility levels. Should the government be involved in population control in this way?

The meeting will begin at 1:15 pm and end at about 2:45 pm. Anyone who is interested in a civil discussion of the issues with a wide variety of participants is welcome.

For further information or to receive a link if you wish to participate via Zoom, contact the Weston Council on Aging at 781-786-6280 or

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