Turkey Bowl: Flag Football Tourney Features Police vs Fire vs Dads vs Kids

On Sunday, November 27 at 5 pm, turkeys are taking to the turf at Proctor Field in one big kerfluffle over the first annual flag football Turkey Bowl. Yes, flying straight into the face of the prohibition of animals on the turf (does no one read signs?)…oh wait, let me read that again. Ah, I see, not actual turkeys, but Fire vs Police vs a dads team vs a team of 7th-10th graders.

I have numerous questions and comments, starting with why 7th to 10th graders? Why not 11th and 12th graders? Why not 5th and 6th graders? Seems arbitrary. Are we going to be checking student IDs ? Also I want to see the small fry whip the Dads. Where exactly are the moms? Shouldn’t this be Weston Parents not Weston Dads? Are you all aware we have a girl on our Weston High School football team? Just sayin’.

And, I have a bone to pick with Police and Fire. The Owl and the Wes-TEN were trying to get together a run challenge Police vs Fire at the 5K but noo… you guys were all about peace and harmony and the Police Chief and the Fire Chief crossing the line together. Cue violins. And now, it’s all Fire vs Police for football. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. In any case, I bet on K9 Knox as usual.

All joking aside, what a great event with all ticket sales (at the gate) and donations going to Weston Fire and Police relief organizations. Now, can we have the high school band please? What about cheerleaders? Are we going to have cheerleaders? Or tacos? What’s the food situation? And where’s Willy the Wildcat, does our mascot have Thanksgiving plans out of town? So many questions.

Come on out and cheer on the kids! I say go ‘cats!!!

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