#7-Ranked WHS Girls Soccer Takes On the Watertown Raiders Tonight

Okay, folks, the Owl is up early due to the time change and the fact that she got kicked out of the Boosters party early last night. Well, not actually true, but she lost her voice AGAIN, and escorted herself to the door. The fundraiser for Weston Athletics was a great party run by some fantastic volunteers, with sponsors who wore blinding bling on their pinky fingers. There was also a roped-off celebrity section complete with white pleather loungers, though try as I might from the cheap seats, I could not see Big Papi or Jayson Tatum, former and future residents of our fair town. Maybe next year.

This year included a surprise visit by some Weston High School athletes who talked about how teamwork and the support of their families and communities were so important to them. And so here I am with an idea of how to spend your first early-nightfall evening, if you’re not an owl and chasing rodent dinner. By the way, we are starting “watch out for owls” season with the commute hours intersecting with hunt hours. More on this later. Soccer now, owls later.

The #7 ranked (Division 3) Weston Girls Soccer team takes on the #26 ranked Watertown Raiders tonight, November 6 at 6 pm at WHS Proctor Field. The weather is going to be great, the snack shack will be open and the Wildcats would love to have some hometown pride and people who can actually yell if you haven’t lost your voice (again!!!). I’m going to borrow some Gail Palmer cowbells.

You have not lived until you see Emma Darling run past, well, everyone up the sidelines. And her twin sister Alex on defense who must say to herself “rejected!” as she stops the opponent for the nth time where n is an algebraic conundrum. Don’t I sound mathy? Am I biased towards twins? Maybe. On a side note of trivia, the Class of 2025 (the Owlets’ class) once had seven sets of twins running around it. We’re down a few, but there are at least four sets still running around.

Come on out on this gorgeous fall evening and support the ‘cats in the post-season! See you there!

Go ‘cats!

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  • You are too sweet Kristin, thank you for the shout out to the team (and twins!). Sorry to hear about your voice…it was really loud last night but so fun! See you tonight!!!

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