Worried About The Thanksgiving Meal? Mamaleh’s Can Help

Mamaleh’s Cambridge is back in town on the day before Thanksgiving with their suburban delivery–good news for all of us who have had disastrous stuffing results or who may want less than a 40000000 pound turkey to carve. As you all know, one of Mamaleh’s owners is a Wildcat, also known as a Weston resident, which is why we get a privileged delivery day and time.

Mamaleh’s Thanksgiving menu includes brisket (ummm, what?), turkey, extra gravy, challah stuffing (that’s a YES from the Owl), and cranberry sauce. And desserts! If you have a house full of guests, I would also scroll down to the platter options and order the biggest one you can fit in the car, and don’t forget to issue an invitation to the Owl. Me, I like the nova.

You can place an order on Mamaleh’s site and choose Suburban Pickup in Weston. Orders will be available for pickup on Wednesday, November 23 between 3-5 pm in the parking lot near Dumpling Daughter. Let the feasting begin!

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