Resident Shredding at the Police Station: November 12

Weston, it concerns the Owl that it seems Town Hall is attempting a re-brand of the always-popular and oversubscribed Resident Shredding Day. The email and calendar event now reads: “Document Shredding Day for Weston Residents (Resident Shredding Day). ” The Owl would like to be the first to register dismay at the move from humorous double entendre to boringness. Next thing you know, “semi-rural” becomes “suburban” and the fight goes out of “Westonite” vs “Westonian”…or worse north vs south. You break my heart, town communications editors.

In any case, the Owl refuses change (like any good Westonian) and RESIDENT SHREDDING DAY will be held this Saturday, November 12 from 9 am to 1 pm at the Weston Police Station. As always, no non-residents may be shredded–they goop up the apparatus.

This event is for those who have a great deal of household shredding to be done (things do tend to pile up). Community shredding is the way to go–shred as many as you want–it’s the same price: free.

Residents can shred by bringing their victims to the Police Station at 180 Boston Post Road By-Pass on Saturday. After that, you will need to wait for the next shredding day or use your home shredder. This gets messy.

Thank you, Fargo.


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