Turkey Trots North and South: Time to Sign Up

The Owl loves turkey trots especially those with cinnamon rolls.

Somehow it is hard to believe that in two weeks’ time, we’ll be making turkey sandwiches (or turducken or tofurkey, you choose) and watching the World Cup. Before that, there are the usual traditions of cooking all day, eating in 20 minutes, forgetting to put the clams in the clam chowder (yes, that was the Grand Owl) and fighting over politics or who will do the dishes. Not to mention the pre-meal festivities of the Thanksgiving Day Game of Weston vs Wayland … and before even that, it’s the Turkey Trot!

The Turkey Trot is a fine family tradition where you get up early on Thanksgiving Day, watch your aunt turn the brined turkey again, warm up the oven, and then run away while the real cooks do the stuff. Usually a 5K distance, there are also shorter distances for kids under 12 or 10, depending on which town you’re trotting in. Of the many in the area, the closest ones are in Wellesley or in Concord…and the registration does close when it fills so hurry up.

The Owl Family has just finished registering for the Concord Turkey Trot, running it for the third time. This is our closest race, living on the coveted north side like we do. Race time is 8:30 am, the cost is $35 adults, $25 kids, and Concord is one pretty place to pre-burn your calories. You can learn more here.

The Wellesley Turkey Trot is another fun one, and closest to those who live on the desirable south side. You’ll have to get up a bit earlier, though, with a race start of 8 am. The cost is $40/$30/$20, and I forget why there are these differences. The best thing about the Wellesley race is you get to run inside the hallowed gates of Hogwarts West, aka Wellesley College. You can learn more here.

See you turkeys out there.


  • I am wistful over the Westchester turkey trot bib in the picture. I ran it with Mackenzie last year and I finished top ten ( of my age group). Been so hot I haven’t been running much and am doing the C25K again. Going to miss you this thanksgiving.

    • I am going to miss you too. The year I ran it there was 20 degree wind chill so not that nostalgic for that part. Definitely will miss hiking mountains with you—and the whole NY Thanksgiving experience….

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