Weston Owl Housekeeping: New Events Calendar

Happy rainy Sunday, Weston! This is a day for getting things done like at the Fix-It First Clinic, visiting the Golden Ball Tavern for a Second Sunday tour, or maybe fitting in a Sessão da Tarde film marathon. For me, it’s a day to celebrate having a new events calendar on the Weston Owl and having someone figure it out for me! Yay for Google Simple Calendar and Jonathan Dowse, website guru!

The old events calendar has been decommissioned and sorry, you can’t see the archive because NO ONE KNOWS where it is. Oh fine, it’s somewhere in a circular file. I have been filling up the new calendar which as of now has no public submit-an-event function, but you can always just send a calendar post request to thewestonowl@gmail.com. You can also use that email address to send comments or edits or feedback. Yes, I am aware there are some events not added yet…I’m getting there….

Town of Weston committee and commission agendas/dates can be found on the Town of Weston website.

Have a great Sunday!

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