Weston Voices: Katharine Campbell, Incoming Executive Director of the Golden Ball Tavern

Now, as any good Westonian knows, we have two publicly accessible taverns still in action in our fair town. While someone will quibble with me over the accessibility of the Josiah Smith Tavern at this time (no restaurant yet… I know, I know), it is a matter of time until the official battle of the taverns is back ON! So ON! It’s like north vs south, yet it’s west vs east Boston Post Road. Tea vs Coffee. Loyalist vs Patriot.

Here’s what we know as fact: The Golden Ball Tavern Museum is a 501c3 organization with a history of Loyalist leanings and drinking tea, with various Patriot neighbors eventually storming the staircase and scaring the fuzz off Isaac Jones’ doodle which is the actual origin of that type of dog. I summarize, you understand. The GBT also hosts the annual Barn Sale and the Country Garden Club plant sale, and in return have their tavern decorated with various holiday themes. For example, there was the Nutcracker year when chocolate mice mysteriously disappeared from a few displays, with only a few owl feathers left as calling card. Oh fine, I didn’t steal any but I did mention that the GBT (or gibbet to the Wes-TEN) should have sold stuff at the end–little Nutcrackers, chocolate anything, etc. Did they listen to me? No. Well this is all going to change because the Owl has the scoop on the impending arrival of a new Executive Director who will clearly find everything the Owl says to be incredibly important.

Meet Katharine Campbell, currently finishing out her work as the Executive Director of the Sandwich Historical Society and Glass Museum on Cape Cod. She will be starting her position as Executive Director of the Golden Ball Tavern Museum on December 5, just after the Open House on December 4. So now I know that no one will be watching when the chocolate mice disappear. Wait, dear Country Garden Club, what is the theme this year? I must know what is edible.

In any case, the Owl got a few minutes of Kate’s time when she answered some serious and not so serious questions by Weston’s exclusive not-really-the-news blog.

Owl: Welcome to Weston and the GBT, nicknamed the Gibbet by local news show, the Wes-TEN. Are there plans to re-enact the historic, yet non-existent Patriot vs Loyalist battle between the JST and the GBT?

Kate: I certainly hope that the Museum is not a Gibbet, or gallows ( I don’t yet know the derivation of the nickname) as I hope to work with our awesome volunteers and bring many new (alive) people to the Museum. A re-enactment of the Weston Tea Party could be in the works – but uprisings take time – so stay tuned… 

Owl: Tea or coffee?

Kate: I am a tea drinker by choice but a coffee drinker by necessity.  As I am a descendant of William Brewster, I have tea in my roots but coffee in coffers.

Owl: Do you have any plans for the GBT that you can share with our readers? Will the Barn Sale and Holiday Open House continue? Could we have the chocolate mice back as part of the holiday display?

As I haven’t yet started, and Strategic Planning is front and center on my agenda, I can’t say definitively what is next. My gut says the beloved Barn Sale – which has recently expanded successfully into the “digital world”,  will most definitely continue. We in the nonprofit world are very protective of long-standing successful fundraisers. They are not to be trifled with.  The same can be said for the Annual Holiday Open House.   And these chocolate mice of which you speak?  They sound both delicious and enchanting.  I’ll get back to you on that.  What I can tell you is that I am hoping to open the Museum on a more regular basis and work on some year round programming.  The Trustees and I have much to discuss.

Owl: Rumor has it that you have a Last Hope K9 (LHK9) Rescue dog. The Owl has a LHK9 named Katie Puppy, who is the unofficial WFTA K9 Ranger. Does your dog Cookie have an official role at the GBT? Will Cookie run open houses for dogs?

Kate: Cookie has let me know that she too has plans for me in Weston.  But like a good bone, you will have to dig the information out of me at a later date.

Cookie, GBT Ranger-elect


I am looking forward to meeting Cookie and Kate in early December. Welcome to Weston!

The Golden Ball Tavern Museum is located at 662 Boston Post Road in Weston. You can find out more by visiting their website at http://www.goldenballtavern.org.

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