Save the Date to Skate with Santa December 10

Once in a while, an event pops up that the Owl thinks–ummmm, what? This is so cool and yet no one thought of informing Weston’s incredibly important media central, The Weston Owl. In revenge, or as I like to Frenchify it, la revanche, I shall have to make up details until someone from Weston Police or Fire takes the hint.

On Saturday, December 10 from 5-7 pm, you are invited to skate with Santa, and then team up with Dancer and Prancer and all the rest of the reindeer in a no-holds-barred hockey scrimmage. Nothing says Christmas like body-checking elves into the boards. Oh, fine, no hockey but here’s a chance to send your children onto the ice to wipe out just in front of Santa, who frankly had better be a pretty sturdy skater.

At this point in time, I know nothing about bring your own skates or if skates will be available to rent. I do know that an unwrapped toy is the price of entry.

The Owl elves will get on the research but for now, save the date.


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